Shear Stud Welding

Shear Stud Welding

Stalwart Technosource India Pvt Ltd. is a benchmark for shear connector welding services with its hands tied in all major projects across India.
ST have welded more then 3 Million Shear Stud in last 5 years.

Stalwart Technosource India Pvt Ltd. has shown remarkable performance in Patna Rail-cum Road Bridge project and Munger rail-cum road Bridge project welding more than 5 lacs studs in 18 month's time span.

Stalwart Technosource India Pvt Ltd. and its team have finite experience in this field and have shown remarkable performance to achieve targets and deliver best results.
Stalwart Technosource India Pvt Ltd. has significance contribution in services for shear connector in the field of Railway Bridges, ROB’s, Power Plant, Airports & Commercial Buildings.

Stalwart Technosource India Pvt Ltd. Facilities

  • We Provide On Site Service along with Complete Team Including Professional Engineers and Qualified Welders.
  • We Undertake Stud installation jobs using Reputed Make Drawn Arc Stud welding machines achieving desired welding quality satisfying Clients requirements.
  • Stalwart Technosource India Pvt Ltd. has Highly Trained Techno carts who take cares of quality and related services as per client’s requirement.
  • We have always focused our striven efforts in offering an unparalleled range of Stud Welding Services in order to provide maximum satisfaction to the clients.
  • ST can produce an output of 2000 nos. Shear Studs per Day with a single Drawn Arc Stud welding machine for studs to be welded on beams directly for Composite Bridges & 1000 nos. Studs per Day to be welded on through Deck for Composite Construction.
  • ST has its hands in major power plant across India.
Shear Stud Welding Process AWS.d1.1.2000

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