Stalwart Technosource India Pvt Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of Shear stud connectors in India.
Stalwart Technosource India Pvt Ltd. is the only manufacturer that caters clients with tailor requirement for mechanical properties and physical dimensions.
We manufacture shear stud with Brand name “STALWART”  make as per client specifications and customization .We have an extensive variation in Tensile Strength, Yield Strength and Elongation to meet clients demand based on requirements.
We are approved by RDSO, NHAI, NTPC,DFCCIL,TATA Projects and Many More. We are the major supplier of Shear Stud for RailwayProjects in India.

Design & Mechanical Properties

Shear Stud Shall be manufactured from cold-drawn Wire Rods confirming the requirements of ASTM A 29 of grade designation SAE 1010 through SAE 1020 or equivalent, inclusive either semi-killed or killed (aluminum or silicon deoxidation ).
Mechanical properties & other requirements of studs shall conform to the requirements of Type-B studs specified in AWS Dl.1/D1.lM or equivalent.
Stalwart studs for welding with ceramic ferrules are provided with an aluminum tip as required by the welding process to facilitate the ignition of the arc, stabilize the arc, and deoxidize the welding pool. The correct amount of flux used is an essential factor in obtaining perfect welding results.

Advantages of Shear Stud

• Cost-effective production in large quantities and many different sizes.
• Reliable and safe under static and dynamic stress.
• Mechanical interlock of steel and concrete – lifting-off of concrete slabs is prevented.
• High ductility considerable increase in bearing capacity through plastic design.
• Anchorage of steel parts in concrete for various load directions, no cracking forces because of mechanical interlock.
• The individual design of reinforcement by pre-planned positioning of steel members in concrete.
• Firm welds produced by stud welding.
• Application by trained operators – no highly qualified welders required.
• Electronically controlled and monitored Drawn Arc Stud welding equipment ensures repeatability and verifiable quality of the weld.